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People chose Bounty Minerals because we have a simple business plan: Buy Minerals – Manage Minerals.

About Bounty Minerals

Bounty Minerals buys oil and gas mineral interests in Appalachia.

In April of 2012, Jon Brumley created Bounty Minerals, LLC, a minerals acquisition partnership headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. The partnership acquires minerals exclusively in Appalachia. To date, Bounty Minerals has purchased over 61,000 net mineral acres in West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio.

Our approach is simple. We use economic models to calculate fair values for both buyer and seller. People choose to sell to Bounty Minerals because we are one of the top mineral buyers in the basin and have the ability to pay more than our competitors.

If you want immediate cash, Bounty Minerals gives you the opportunity to profit from your oil and gas mineral interests now, so that you may invest your profit elsewhere. There is no longer the need to wait for wells to be drilled on your property or tie your finances to the outcome of wells in your area.

If you sell Bounty a portion of your minerals, you may want Bounty to manage your remaining interest.  Bounty Minerals Management can help you administer the portion of the minerals you retain.  Therefore, you have the opportunity to receive immediate cash by selling a portion of your minerals while retaining an interest to participate in future revenues.

Why Bounty Minerals

  • Bounty has acquired over 61,000 acres – more than any other buyer in the heart of the play
  • Focusing only in Appalachia allows us to pay more for minerals
  • We provide a fair valuation on each purchase
  • We have the funds available to respond and to close quickly
  • We continually build relationships with operators and legislators

Bounty Minerals Master Inventory


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Good People - Great Reputation

Experienced team that has worked together for over 10 years

Why Have Bounty Manage Your Minerals.

Providing mineral monitoring services to royalty owners from a land and revenue perspective and protecting future revenue
  • Land Leasing Services

  • Revenue and Royalty Check Monitoring Services

  • Valuation of Oil and Gas

Oil and gas revenue checks are often paid incorrectly and these discrepancies, in some instances, equate to large amounts of revenue. Bounty Minerals Management is capable of reviewing, processing and independently analyzing these revenue statements.

Why Bounty Minerals Management

At the beginning of 2016, Mr. Brumley founded Bounty Minerals Management, a new company to benefit mineral owners in the Appalachian Basin.  Correctly managing minerals is time consuming, and at times, difficult.  Most oil and gas operators are fair and honest; however, a few are not even-handed, and even the best can make mistakes.  That is why it is important for mineral owners to be vigilant in lease negotiations and monitoring potentially excessive deductions from royalty payments.

If Bounty Minerals purchases a portion of your minerals, you will have the option of agreeing to let Bounty Minerals Management manage the minerals you retain.  Such management services can include lease negotiation, review and analysis of division orders, and review of royalty checks. If Bounty Minerals owns an interest in the same well or unit as your minerals, Bounty’s revenue accountants will already be studying the related division orders and deductions.  We will be looking to see if checks are issued in the proper amount and if too little royalty has been paid to the royalty owners.  If the payments are not correct, Bounty can contact the operator on behalf of both you and Bounty.  Often, the amount of such discrepancies would be too small to warrant a lawsuit; however, Bounty’s relationships and networking with operators can be extremely valuable in resolving these issues.  This is our business, and you can receive the same attention as Bounty.

If oil and gas interests constitute a substantial portion of your estate, heirs may be left to sift through the chaos and mountains of paperwork. It may even require experts with the ability to supervise future production. By allowing Bounty Minerals Management to purchase a portion of your assets while managing the remainder on your behalf, we can protect your oil and gas interests and royalty income for future generations by providing continuity during the transfer to the next generation.

The fee for Bounty Minerals Management services is small—just 2%-5% of the gross royalty that you receive.

  • Jon Brumley, the founder of Bounty Minerals Management, has 45 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, including the formation of 6 oil and gas companies that were listed on the New York Stock Exchange
  • In 2005, Forbes Magazine named Mr. Brumley and his son, Jonny Brumley Entrepreneurs of the Year
  • Bounty Minerals has negotiated leases and has established relationships with the leading operators in Appalachia
  • Our revenue department analyzes royalty checks and post-production costs.
  • State of the art software assists in the management and analysis of assets.

Benefit Together

Currently Buying in the Following Areas:

Bounty Minerals is actively buying in Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.


Belmont and Monroe

West Virginia

Brooke, Doddridge, Harrison, Marion, Marshall, Monongalia, Ohio, Tyler and Wetzel


Greene and Washington

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If you are interested in selling your mineral interests or would like to learn more about Bounty Minerals Management, we would love to hear from you. Please  contact us directly.

Bounty Minerals:

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Bounty Minerals Management:

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Voluntary Information:  Thank you for considering Bounty Minerals. When you voluntarily submit your information, such as when you fill out the “Contact Us” form or send or respond to a follow-up email, we use that information to help provide responses to your inquiries and evaluate options for your mineral rights.  Please do not provide any information you consider personal or sensitive in nature through this website or in an email. Your submission of property information through our website does not constitute an offer to sell your mineral rights and Bounty Minerals’ response to your inquiry does not constitute an offer to purchase or manage your minerals.